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Science Made Stupid

Photos taken in the hotel bar at ConJose 2002

My costume

Me and my Brainbox Hard at Work Science Vision! Trust me, I'm a Scientist

Jody's costume

In full glory Omnidetector and Ray Gun Omnidetector and Ray Gun Science Vision! Demonstrating the Omnidetector You can trust me, I'm a Scientist Flask of EtOH

Halloween 2002

The Lab

The Lab Bench The Signs
Sparky, our late lab assistant Jody and Sparky


The White Rats perform the Other Morris

Looking for gopher holes Setting up for the first dance, Perverts' Gardens
Simon's Fancy Simon's Fancy
Simon's Fancy We tell Graham Taylor of Altan Morris the typical morris lies: it's easy, and the music will tell you what to do.
The 17th of May, Adderbury 17th of May
17th of May Graham tells us those same morris lies about the Upton on Severn stick dance.